7 Important Things A Son Needs From His Mother

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  1. Some great reminders here – I need to be more conscious of the words I use when our little guy is melting down. Helping him breathe through his feelings is a great option.

  2. This is so nice! I know it can be hard too when you’re stressed and tired as a parent, but it’s so important that kids feel heard and respected too.

  3. I love these alternatives, it’s so important to be positive with kids rather than commanding them around!

  4. Thank you for this. The other day I had a moment where I realized how much of my day is spent telling my 3 year old no. This post really helps me reframe my mindset.

  5. roxyturtle says:

    These are such great turnarounds!! It’s almost like learning a new language which takes time and of course patience, but the way your suggested phrases warm my heart show that they are the better path to take when speaking with our kids.

  6. I love these more positive ways to encourage kids. I’m not a fan of constantly saying “no” and “don’t “.

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